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 Green Alliance KG is joined by a new member – THERMOFLEX

We are pleased to announce that the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan is joined by a new member – THERMOFLEX!

The Green Alliance is showing a great interest in the environmental component of heating equipment and various heating systems. In the context of the country, this topic is particularly relevant during the winter heating season.


“THERMOFLEX” is one of the largest companies in the heating equipment market, which is professionally engaged in wholesale and retail sale of household and industrial heating equipment, installation, service and post-warranty service.

THERMOFLEX is founded by experienced professionals in the heating industry. It arranges direct deliveries of heating equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. In addition to sales, it provides professional advice on the selection of equipment to the customer’s task for the best price/quality ratio.

Correctly selected and high quality heating equipment is a guarantee of comfort and coziness of the citizens of the country!