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The branch of the Regional Environmental Center of Central Asia (CAREC) in the Kyrgyz Republic joins the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan

The agreement on membership in the Green Alliance KG was signed by Kuban Matraimov, Acting Director of CAREC’s branch office in Kyrgyzstan, and Ilgiz Kambarov, Executive Director of Green Alliance KG.

The mission of the Green Alliance KG is consonant with the goals and objectives of CAREC.

The Regional Environmental Center of Central Asia has a unique mandate from the five Central Asian countries.
Its mission is to assist Central Asian countries in solving their national and regional problems in the sphere of environmental protection.


For this purpose, CAREC provides an opportunity to create a platform for interstate and interdepartmental dialogue, which allows to introduce know-how, new knowledge and technologies in the region. In turn, this contributes to the development and application of innovative environmental policies, approaches and methodologies, public involvement in decision-making on environmental issues and improved information exchange at the regional level.
According to Kuban Matraimov, CAREC’s membership in Green Alliance.KG will expand CAREC’s capacity to cooperate with Kyrgyz NGOs in the field of green economy and sustainable development. Today the Green Alliance KG unites more than 50 organizations and citizens who represent the interests of civil society, independent experts, farmers, businesses and academia.

“Thanks to our membership in Green Alliance KG, we will be able to prepare and implement joint projects in cooperation with other environmental NGOs and disseminate CAREC’s activities at the regional level,” believes Kuban Matraimov.

To remind, one of CAREC’s activities is to support inter-sectoral dialogue between government agencies, the civil sector, local communities, the private sector and donor organizations on environmental sustainability in the Central Asian region.

“We are convinced that by joining our ranks, CAREC will gradually strengthen its work with the civil sector in Kyrgyzstan in the sphere of green initiatives and we are ready to assist as much as we can”, underlined Ilgiz Kambarov