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Executive Director of Green Alliance KG delivers presentation on climate change and its implications for Kyrgyzstan for employees of the embassy of the United States of America 

On 22, September 2023, Executive Director of Green Alliance KG, Ilgiz Kambarov, was invited as special guest speaker to the embassy of the United States of America where he delivered a comprehensive presentation on climate change and its implications to Kyrgyzstan in long and short-terms to its employees.

Among others, he described the situation that Kyrgyzstan in terms of its climate change conditions, what risks it has and what future repercussions it might bring to. He, particularly, focused on mitigation and adaptation measures Kyrgyzstan has outline in its Nationally Determined Contributions to Paris Agreement which country has ratified in 2019.

“Mitigation component of NDC remains the most needed in terms of international financial support, as it has some 6,5 billion USD to be able to implement its ambitious projects in energy and transport sectors” – pointed out head of Green Alliance KG, adding that improving the energy efficiency of building and houses holds the largest share, 45% or 2.8 billion USD, in the list of mitigation measures to be undertaken in upcoming years. He, also, mentioned that that development of renewables and hydropower stays as priority for the government and requires around 1.4 and 1.2 billion USD respectively.

After the presentation, US Embassy staff was able to ask relevant questions and get comprehensive answers on each of them. He was also invited to the tour around the embassy and introduced to the its achievements in reaching green approaches, among which the installed air quality monitoring devices that send updates to smartphone app which each citizen of the country can use to stay tuned on the air pollution level. Ilgiz Kambarov welcomed strives of the embassy’s employees to promote green initiatives and their readiness to introduce innovative approaches to assist the country on its efforts to tackle the climate change risks.