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NDC  Implementation Plan on Mitigation and Adaptation in the Industrial Processes and Product Use, Biodiversity, Forestry, and Other Land Uses Sectors

May 10, Green Alliance KG, Open Innovations and Green4, with the assistance of the UNDP in Kyrgyzstan, held a roundtable discussion titled “Implementation Plan for NDC Mitigation and Adaptation in the Industrial Processes and Product Use, and Biodiversity, Forestry and Other Land Use Sectors” with the participation of stakeholders from the relevant sectors.

As you know, NDC, or Nationally Determined Contribution, is an action plan for reducing emissions and adapting to climate change. Each party to the Paris Agreement must develop NDC and update it every five years.


Head of the expert group, UNDP expert Alexander Temirbekov, gave detailed presentations on each topic and answered complex questions from participants, experts and representatives of relevant industries. He also stressed that from the possible external and internal financial resources within the LEED implementation plan, it is worth to focus on our own capabilities.



Nazgul Kulova, National Consultant on the implementation of the START and NIS, thanked all participants for the active discussion, and stressed that the views and comments expressed at the round table will be taken into account.



“Regular monitoring of the reporting of the START implementation plan should become one of the priority tasks of government agencies. This will allow a systematic assessment of the current situation and adjust future mitigation and adaptation measures to achieve the objectives.” – noted Maral Sagynalieva, a researcher of Open Innovations.



Nasyr Kanatbekov, project consultant of the Association of Forest Users and Land Users of Kyrgyzstan, during his presentation on “Development of the Forestry and Other Land Use Sector” emphasized the large and important role of forests in the socio-economic, environmental and cultural life of society.



“One of the key elements of effective implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures within the framework of the nationally determined contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement is the level of awareness both among the Kyrgyz society as a whole and among decision makers in particular.

The speed and quality of decisions in the face of the growing risks caused by climate change depends on the government’s will of power. Green Alliance KG, as the entire expert community, is concerned about timely and balanced actions on the part of government agencies within the green agenda, taking into account the opinions of all stakeholders. Of course, we will continue to contribute on behalf of the civil society for the sake of achieving the objectives laid down in the NDC” underlined Executive Director of  Green Alliance – Ilgiz Kambarov.


The speakers stressed that the proposed mitigation and adaptation measures are well formulated and reflect the challenges facing society, the private sector and the government. But at the same time, it is important to carry out an extensive awareness-raising work among the population of the country.

Green Alliance KG conducts these round tables within the framework of “Providing advisory support in the development of the “Extended Plan for the Implementation of STS and the Long-term Low-Carbon Development Strategy (LTS) until 2050”.

However, it is important to understand that climate change requires many countries to act decisively in accordance with the Paris Agreement to which they are signatories, as greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, and policies at the national level must be well designed and implemented.

Kyrgyzstan aims to combat climate change through NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions), which are climate change commitments that aim to limit global warming to well below 2 °C, preferably to 1.5 °C.

NDCs embody a country’s efforts to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change and assesses a country’s resolve to comply with the Paris Agreement by engaging relevant state and non-state stakeholders to address the challenges posed by climate change on a national scale.

In order to incorporate suggestions and recommendations for inclusion in the NDC  Implementation Plan from the private sector, academia and non-governmental organizations, the Green Alliance KG together with Open Innovations and Green4 will hold a series of thematic roundtables, inviting all stakeholders.  The events will discuss possible solutions that will pave the way for a transition from a brown economy to a green economy with low-carbon and climate-resilient initiatives, increased resource efficiency and renewable energy to sustain and promote long-term economic growth while preserving natural capital.

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