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Director General Aitkul Burhanov delivered a speech at #COP28 in Dubai, UAE, on December 10. The speech was given at the event titled “Farmers and Traditional Food Producers at the Heart of Food Systems Transformation.” During his address, Mr. Burhanov emphasized the significant role of forest ecosystems in Kyrgyzstan. These ecosystems play a vital role in addressing climate change, regulating water resources, and ensuring food safety. Their impact extends not only to our Republic but also to the neighboring countries of Central Asia.
The event served as a platform for food producers, where they shared their solutions to combat climate change on the world stage, as well as their call to action to ensure resilience to climate change. Key areas include #agroecology, climate-optimized agriculture, regenerative agriculture, family farms and agrobiodiversity.
 Event partner: Steering Committee of the Global Farmers Forum #AFA, COPROFAM, INOFO, PAFO, ROPPA, WFO, WFF, WFFP.