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Executive Director of Green Alliance KG has held several meaningful meetings with organizations in France (Paris) the activities of which is affiliated to climate change issues

During the meeting with “Sauvons le climat”, an organization that seeks to make a neutral, scientific, cartesian contribution to the debate, an productive exchange of thoughts has taken place, Mr. Kambarov provided detailed information about the mission and the activities of Green Alliance KG since its establishment in 2019. Meeting with three outstanding experts went in a very friendly, exchanging comprehensive exchange of information, environment.

“Sauvons le climat”, headed by its honorable president Claude Jeandron, believes that there is an urgent need for a powerful people’s movement that, far from ideological positions, will express the real facts and the consequences they entail. It was represented by three experts who hold decades of experience in the energy sector, nuclear power, renewable energy and policy development.

Along with other two colleagues Pierre Audigier and Jean-Pierre Schwartz, strong experts with decades of experience in the energy sector, nuclear power, renewable energy and policy development, Green Alliance KG director was able to establish good contacts and think of specific ideas for future cooperation.

Apart from it, Mr. Kambarov held  meeting with managing director of  I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics, Mr. Benoît LEGUET, director of Green Alliance KG spoke about possible cooperation on consulting public decision-makers, financial institutions, states and local authorities to integrate climate change into their policies and practices.

Additionally, during the meeting with French producer Denis Gheerbrant, who made documentary movie on constantly burning landfill in Bishkek city, Green Alliance director shared new ideas on possible cooperation on production of new documentaries on meaningful ecological subjects in Kyrgyzstan that needs a wider attention from local and international communities and development partners.

His visit to Paris was concluded by meeting the ambassador of Kyrgyz Republic to France, Mr. Sadyk Sher-Niyaz. Mr. Kambarov spoke about activities and acheivements of Green Alliance KG, and both expressed the need to act more on tackling such issues as polluted air in Bishkek city, burning landfill at the outskirts of Bishkek, policy making on green agenda, and climate change adaptation measures.