Managing Board of  Green Alliance KG represents the association both internally and externally. The Board consists of the Chairman and an even number of members elected from among the members of the Alliance.

The board consists of representatives of various member organizations from the civil sector, business, as well as individual experts. Each representative of the Board is elected by the members’ votes at the annual General Meeting of the members of the Alliance for a period of two years.

Nurzat Abdyrasulova

Board Member

President of Unison Group

Chairwoman of Board (2020-2022) 

  Aitkul Burkhanov

  Board Member, Co-founder  of Green Alliance

Chairman of ALE “Alliance of forest and land users of Kyrgyz Republic”

Kaliya Moldogazieva 

Board Member

Director of Human Development Center “Derevo Jizni” 

Maral Sagynalieva

Board Member

Founder of Open Innovations PF 

Jamilya Imankulova 

Board Member, co-founder of Green Alliance

Founder of  «Ecomade» 

Kaiyrkul Kazylaeva

Board Member, Co-founder of Green Alliance
head of AgroWay Ltd

Maria Kolesnikova

Board Member
Director of Move Green

Arstan Kadyrov

Board Member

Director of “LARK” Analytical Research Center 

Gulzat Raimbekova

Board Member, Co-founder of Green Allaince

head of Horeca club

Anara Sultangazieva

Board Member 

Chair of PO “Green Energy”