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Delegation from Kyrgyzstan to participate in the 27th International Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27)

About 40,000 delegates from more than 120 countries will attend the event. The summit opened on November 6, 2022, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on the shores of the Red Sea.

At last year’s COP26 in Glasgow, several countries agreed to reduce the number of coal-fired power plants, as well as to influence the reduction of forests, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide financial assistance to the countries that are most affected by climate change.

For its part, Kyrgyzstan has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by forty-four percent (44%). By 2050 Kyrgyzstan on a platform of green development will try to achieve carbon neutrality. The driving force behind this carbon-free policy will be renewable energy sources, primarily hydropower.

It became known that the Kyrgyz Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Technical Supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic Beksultan Ibraimov, representatives of NGOs, experts and journalists will participate in the conference. Some civil activists, climate change experts are already in Sharm-el-Sheikh.

According to the Azattyk portal, Kyrgyzstan is one of the first countries in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia to join the World Forum on Vulnerable Climate. Beksultan Ibraimov announced this decision, released on October 4, in a video address to the meeting of this forum.

“Membership in the World Forum on Vulnerable Climate was a very important step for our country. At the conference of the parties, which takes place in Sharm el-Sheikh, it was in the framework of the forum that we were going to move to negotiations related to adaptation to climate change, and set requirements for sources of funding. In particular, the main topic of this year’s 27th meeting is losses and costs and financing, so the possibility of attracting adaptation funds to Kyrgyzstan through this organization is being created. Together with the countries of the vulnerable fund a number of requirements on climate change is planned”.

The summit is expected to last until the 18th of this month.