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 Executive Director of the Green Alliance, Ilgiz Kambarov, paid a visit to French Embassy in Kyrgyzstan meeting with  French Ambassador – Francois Delauss

During the meeting, on November 21, 2022, the possibilities of cooperation within the framework of the Green Alliance mission were discussed. The Executive Director spoke in detail about the activities of the Green Alliance, the projects carried out, and the importance of promoting green economy and sustainable development in the country.

France is one of the leading countries in climate change issues and has an extensive experience with reforms and initiatives that could be useful for Kyrgyzstan.

The French Ambassador, Mr. François Delaus, in his turn spoke about the current activities in Kyrgyzstan in the framework of green initiatives, and expressed his readiness to cooperate and assist in his mission. France is also interested in the fact that Kyrgyzstan will be able to successfully carry out the tasks set within the green agenda and will continue to provide all possible support.

The Green Alliance seeks to adopt successful experiences of developed countries and find appropriate application within the country. Alliance members take an active part in promoting the principles of sustainable long-term development.

The Green Alliance will continue to make efforts in promotion of the green agenda at the local and national levels