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Ilgiz Kambarov, Executive Director of the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan, urged the deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh (Kyrgyz Parliament) not to adopt the so-called “foreign agents” bill. He stated this at a press conference on October 18


According to him, the adoption of this draft law will negatively affect all non-profit organizations (NGOs), including environmental ones.

“Unfortunately, there is a tendency to tighten the nuts of NGOs, allegedly under the guise of foreign agents. Environmental organizations are also NGOs. Our “Green Alliance” includes more than 50 organizations that make a significant contribution to environmental issues, climate change, biodiversity, energy efficiency, researches, policy development and so on. These issues receive the most attention from NGOs that work in the environmental sector. If this law is adopted, it will deal a significant blow to all NGOs, including environmental ones,” Kambarov emphasized.

“Non commercial organizations are the sector that assists the state in the parts where it lames. Our role is facilitation and mutual advisory services. Among many others, the partners of the Green Alliance are the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture. The activities of NGOs are vital for the state itself,” he said.

Kambarov noted that representatives of NGOs are engaged in caring for people with disabilities and sectors that the state does not pay attention to.

“I believe that this bill is harmful to society, the country and the state itself. It will lead to a reduction in financial injections, projects, not only environmental projects. For Kyrgyzstan, it is fraught with failure to fulfill its obligations to the local and international community, where we are committed to fulfill the requirements on environmental protection, climate change,” the director added