Green Alliance conducted the humanitarian aid activity for those in Batken province who suffered from military aggression in September 2022.


We believed that Green Alliance should react by taking certain measures, and executive body decided to launch this activity.


We are thankful to all those who were helpful. Not only the members of Green Alliance donated in goods and financial way, but also those who were not indifferent to pains and sufferings.


Green Alliance collaborated with Bizdin Bishkek movement in collecting, and transporting the aid to Batken villages. You can watch videos in our posts done on Facebook and/or Instagram for your reference. We are glad that our partnership was efficient.


Green Alliance received over 200 000 som of financial support and goods of different needs for similar amount of money. Hence, in sum we were able to provide some 400 000 som worth of goods and items. Even the help is not supper big, but we feel proud that at least we could provide handy support for both civilians who suffered and military who protect our borders.


We concluded our humanitarian aid activity and we express our deepest gratitude to all those who were able to provide support. We also express our deepest condolences to all those who have lost their beloved ones, relatives, and sons.


You can see details of report by clicking the link below.

Green Alliance is with Batken





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Green Alliance KG is with Batken

The Green Alliance KG announces the collection of humanitarian aid to the victims in the Batken province in connection with the armed aggression by the military of Tajikistan.


Collection address: 104 Toktogul Street (crossing Razzakova) office of RDF (Rural Development Fund)


Contact person

Ilgiz Kambarov  (Executive Director of Green Alliance KG)

0777107417 (Whatsapp / Telegram)



For those who wish to support financially via transfers


О-Dengi: +996-708337503

M-Bank: +996-708337503


Ilgiz Kambarov  (Executive Director of Green Alliance KG)