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Green Alliance KG and Open Innovations to participate in the UN Water Conference 2023 at UN Headquarters in New York, USA


We are pleased to announce that the representatives and partners of Green Alliance KG are to take part in the UN 2023 Water Conference to be held on 22-24 March 2023 in the United Nations Headquarter in New York, USA. It is a great opportunity to the participants from the Kyrgyz Republic to address concerns and discuss the relevant water issues in Kyrgyzstan and the region as a whole.



Green Alliance KG, along with its 50 members, is actively promoting sustainable development, green economy, and climate change agendas in various platforms domestically and internationally. The participation in the UN Water Conference 2023 of representatives from a country where water is the main source of energy, all economic activity, and the life of the entire population is an integral part of the mission of the Green Alliance KG.


The current UN Water conference with its partner organization – Open Innovations (member of Green Alliance KG) will conduct side event outside of United Nations Headquarters within its accredited mandate. Green Alliance KG and Open Innovations will organize the water conference in Bishkek before official UN 2023 Water conference. More details will follow soon.