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The member of Green Alliance KG in face of its member Open Innovation (OpenI) has participated in UN Water conference on 22-24 March in New-York

Maral Sagynalieva, the researcher of OpenI, was proud to also represent Green Alliance KG where she led the delegation from Kyrgyzstan which included representatives of academia (Jalal-Abad State University, local municipality (Uzgen town), consulting company (Green4), and youth (Meerim Seidakmatova).

It should be pointed out that Green Alliance KG nominated its volunteer – Meerim Seidakmatova, who specializes in integrated water resources management and ecology and environmental management with masters and bachelor degrees respectively.

Kyrgyz civil society delegation headed by Maral Sagynalieva was able to attend all relevant discussions and represent Green Alliance KG on very high level sharing her solid experience in research and analysis, ecology related projects’ analysis performed both on national and international levels.

“Kyrgyzstan is rich with water resources and it is important that it can use its natural wealth efficiently for the benefit of its people, and civil society plays big role to increasing the awareness on water related issues” – expressed Sagynalieva during her meeting with civil society representatives from Europe, Affrica and USA.

As the member of Green Alliance KG, OpenI, in partnership with Green4, organized academic conference for university students that selected best research papers that results of which were reflected during the UN Water conference in New-York.