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Doscredobank became a member of the Green Alliance KG

One of the components of the Green Alliance’s mission is to promote and popularize the principles of green finance.
Doscredobank is one of the first in the market of financial services in Kyrgyzstan, which offers green finance to the entire population, taking into account the reverent attention to environmental protection, combating the negative effects of climate change, reducing emissions into the atmosphere, and preserving the ecosystem of the country.

Under the DCB Green project of Doscredobank, the Bank actively offers green lending for electric vehicles, installation of gas equipment and introduction of energy efficient green technologies in the tourism sector, and more. Most recently, Doscredobank opened the first electric charging station for electric cars, where drivers can use it completely free of charge.


Doscredobank is a bank in step with the times, promoting green lifestyle and introducing green principles through its services. We are happy that our missions coincide – we are united for the promotion of green economy and sustainable development of our country.