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As of today, Bishkek stands among the most polluted cities in the world and climate change is imminently affecting our daily lives in more dramatic ways.  The consequences of these repercussions include shrinking glaciers and more frequent natural disasters in Kyrgyzstan as well.

By donating, you are joining a good cause helping us to tackle climate change and air pollution. Your support of the Green Alliance KG will give us a big help to preserve Kyrgyzstan’s amazing natural heritage! Only we determine what kind of planet our future generation will live in. It is in our hands to leave a worthy planet for upcoming generations.

By making a donation, you become part of our team and mission!

Bank account details: 

Name of the Organization:  ALE “Green Alliance KG”
Legal Address of organization: Bishkek, Manas Ave., 47, apt. 77
TIN:  00204201910280
Department of State Tax Service (DSTS):  004 DSTS (UGNS/УГНС) Pervomaisky District
Reg. Social Fund No: 101100012110
Republican Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (ОКПО). Organization’s Code: 30398448

Bank:  Bishkek Central Branch of OJSC “Optima Bank”
Bank Identification Code (BIC): 109018
Settlement account: 1091805853750232Accounting number (Kyrgyz som) – 1091805853750232

Commercial Bank of Kyrgyzstan

MBANKM-Bank: +996 708 337 503

(Ilgiz Kambarov)


Account number (Kyrgyz som) 1030120382701206

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