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Executive Director of Green Alliance KG, Ilgiz Kambarov, has taken part in “5th Central Asia Climate Change Conference: Climate Change and Development in Central Asia “ during the previous week in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) as guest speaker in two panel sessions in behalf civil society of Kyrgyzstan

During the session on “Enhancing resilience to climate change resilience at the local community level communities” he delivered presentation speaking on three successful cases of three members of Green Alliance KG:

1) “Go Green” project implemented by Rural Development Fund aimed to prepare the population and sectors of the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic for the possibility of natural disasters and environmental changes, but also to create conditions to ensure the continued sustainable development of the country and ensure its food security.;

2) “Involvement of local communities in the sustainable management and use of forest ecosystems through the introduction of community forestry in the Kyzyl-Unkur forestry” implemented by Association of Forest Users and Land Users of Kyrgyzstan and

3) “Best practices for adaptation to climate change” – a unique digital application allowing to assess local communities’ readiness to climate change and take proper measures to climate change adaptation developed by BIOM.

All three projects, among many others, have positive and long-term impact to enhancing local communities’ readiness to proper level of adaptation amidst mounting risks caused by climate change where Kyrgyzstan remains vulnerable due to its geographical location, still developing economy with low income society, and feeble institutions of power. Green Alliance’s members strive to implement best projects to assist local communities on issues related to climate change in short and long runs.

During his speech within Panel on “Regional collaboration and climate financing for sustainable development” Mr. Kambarov conitrubuted to Climate financing: needs and opportunities discussion speaking on the needs on the climate finance and the contribution of the private sector in furthering green growth is indisputable, the role innovation and technology can play in advancing sustainability and green growth, and how can the private sector be encouraged to invest in these areas.

He mentioned Doscredobank as first bank in Central Asia that singed Green Investment Principles in ‘Belt and Road’ initiative and is the leading on green finance private bank in Kyrgyzstan that delivers green financial services. He also spoke about specific policy or regulatory actions Kyrgyz government can take to support greater private sector investment in green growth and finance, and how can the private sector collaborate with policymakers to advance these efforts.

“Central Asia remains vulnarable to risks caused by climate change and the role of civil society and ecological organizaitons/movemets is paramount to push green initiatives forward and it is evident that more diologues and discussion of similar kind must take place paving the way to better decision making process on national and regional lelves” –  pointed out Ilgiz Kambarov

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a coordinated effort to mitigate its impacts. Central Asia is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.


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