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Chairwomen of Association of Renewable Energy Stations – Kundus Kyrbasheva and Executive Director of Green Alliance KG – Ilgiz Kambarov signed Memorandum of Cooperation

The subject of cooperation between the parties is joint coordination (and cooperation) to assist in shaping the environmental worldview, promote the principles of green economy and sustainable development, promote the principles of energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (RES), promote knowledge about the relevance of conservation and development of green energy, adaptation to climate change, the promotion of national and regional green initiatives, as well as other joint activities within the framework of our missions.
According to Kundus Kyrbasheva: “Cooperation plays an important role, and joining forces will allow us to more successfully implement joint projects and initiatives within our competence. We will jointly develop and promote projects to achieve common goals and objectives, involving active and constructive participation of civil society and other stakeholders”.
“Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan strives to unite efforts in order to implement various projects, ideas, and initiatives aimed at the development of green energy, as well as the green agenda in general. It is a need and a call of the times to unite in the face of growing risks associated with climate change. We are open to cooperation with all interested parties that share our values” – said Ilgiz Kambarov.
Chairperson of the Renewable Energy Stations Association, Kyrbasheva K., added that her organization represents interests of Kyrgyz renewable energy stakeholders and is working to create favorable investment climate and popularization of renewable energy use.
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