Today, the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan brings together more than 50 member organizations and citizens representing various sectors, including civil society, the private sector (business, farmers), academia (universities and researchers), independent experts, and honorary members.

More and more members from both Kyrgyzstan and abroad are joining the Green Alliance.

Unison Group

Unison Group is an alliance of organizations working in the field of sustainable environment and energy at the level of law-making, analytical work and practical activities on a national and regional scale since 2002.

Mission of the organization is to promote sustainable development of Kyrgyzstan through transfer of knowledge and innovation in the field of environmental protection, building green economy, improving human capital, as well as strengthening constructive dialogue between government, society and business. Unison Group actively cooperates with various governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the field of environmental protection and sustainable environmental development.

Nurzat Abdyrasulova is the inspiring leader and head of the multinational team.

PF Rural Development Fund

The Rural Development Fund is a non-profit, non-governmental research organization founded in 2003. Name of our organization  fully corresponds to its activities: conducting social research, assistance in the formation of public policy and the implementation of projects in the field of rural development, local communities, remote villages and settlments in the mountaineus areas.

Kuluipa Akmatova, Director of the Rural Development Fund,  has many years of fruitful experience with projects covering a relevant themes of focus. She is a true leader of her team and has done over hundreds of projects over her career.

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PF Resource Center for the Elderly

NGO Resource Center for the Elderly works in the field of social support and protection of the elderly population of Kyrgyzstan, widely using a comprehensive approach to solving the problems of the elderly population of the country and carrying out activities in the following areas: social, economic, legal, educational, informational, networking, environmental, migration issues. The activities of the organization cover all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic.


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Horeca Club

Horeca Club LLC is an association of owners and top-managers of HoReCa sphere (hotels, restaurants, cafes, suppliers), which allows getting actual and reliable information for professionals and successful development of their business.

Move Green

Move Green Public Association is a youth environmental organization in Kyrgyzstan. Our aim is to support and encourage environmental awareness and positive environmental actions through expertise, volunteering and education.

Vision: A large part of society in Kyrgyzstan is aware of the effects of air pollution and actively participates in reducing pollution to healthful levels, both privately and by demanding action from the state.

Mission: It fights for the quality of the air city residents breathe based on data analysis and involving civil society in decision-making processes.

Community: The most valuable thing we have are our peers. Together, we fight continuously to live in an environmentally friendly environment. We are members of the Green Alliance KG, the regional climate network CAN EECCA, and Urban Hub, a community of urban ecologists and urbanites.

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Olive Hotel

The eco-friendly Hotel Olive has two branches, one is in downtown Bishkek and is a comfortable and welcoming hotel for families, digital nomads, eco-tourists, vegetarians and adventurers from all over the world. The atmosphere is one of simplicity and individuality, unmatched in a city hotel. Second hotel is located in Ala-Archa – outside of Bishkek closer to nature and fresh air, and is autonomous in electricity production from solar panels, in water boiling, heating etc.

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Open Innovations

Open Innovations is a creative and unique platform for the exchange of academic and professional knowledge and skills. The main purpose of the platform is to promote research and development in the country, and turn them into priorities in the national strategy of the country.

It is founded and headed by Maral Sagynalieva, who is exprienced policy expert with interests in international political economy; agricultural economics; public welfare and public choice theores.

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PF Muras Kyimyly (Hertiage Movement)

Public Association “Muras Kyimyly” was established in 2017. All new members have equal rights with the founders of the organization. Its mission is to develop and preserve the heritage of our ancestors, all those who lived on this land before us, regardless of their religious, ethnic or any other affiliation. Public Association “Muras Kyimyly” is convinced that only by joint efforts can we preserve everything they left us.

It operates and implements projects in the following areas: organic farming, conservation and increase of perennial plantations, biodiversity conservation, spirituality and culture.

It was found by Azamat Temirkulov, who was the firt chairman of board in Green Alliance KG.

Analytical Research Center "LARK"

LARK Analytical Research Center is a non-profit organization that specializes in conducting legal, economic and social research and analysis and developing drafts of regulatory legal acts, which it has been doing for over a decade helping private and public sector in promoting efficient legal regulations. Ministry of Agriculture, Agency on Forestry, Ministry of Economy, local municipalities, miniterial commissions and committees are, as few, among regular partners and clients.

LARK has cooperated with international organizations as well, assisting them to collaborate with public offices on local and national scale. A strong team of experienced lawyers  believes it helps communities to tackle challenged resulting from climate change in the region.

Public Institution "El-Too"

Public Institution “El-Too”

The goal of El-Too is to protect the environment, ensure sustainable use of natural resources by mobilizing local communities, and develop green technologies and sustainable economic livelihoods.

Association of Forest Users and Land Users of Kyrgyzstan

Association of Forest Users and Land Users of Kyrgyzstan

The AFLU is an organization of farmers, forest users and rural development service providers from all regions of Kyrgyzstan, which has positioned itself as an active participant in the sustainable development of the agricultural and forestry sectors of the country, by providing capacity building and awareness raising services to its members and rural communities, and by promoting enabling framework conditions and business environment for increased local sustainability.


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"Eco Farm"

Peasant (farm) enterprise “EKO FERMA”

Organic farm “Eco Farm” (TM “Ecomade”) deals with ecologically clean products of local farmers. Organic farming is the first EcoFarm in Kyrgyzstan. This is a platform created for you and your encounter with local organic products grown and produced in Kyrgyzstan.

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Green Energy

Green Energy

The Green Energy Platform is a web-based platform created by the Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Development to bring together suppliers, manufacturers, experts, educational and financial institutions to develop the market for renewable energy, green technologies and energy efficient solutions for households and businesses in Kyrgyzstan. The platform is designed to facilitate interaction between groups of participants by reducing costs and will increase market transparency and accountability of suppliers and producers.


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Public Foundation "Eco Demi"

Public Foundation “Eco Demi”

The Eco Demi Public Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to raise awareness of the nation to the issues, problems of ecology and careful attitude to the environment. Eco Demi” is the official ambassador of the international campaign “World clean up day” in Kyrgyzstan.

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AgroWay Kyrgyzstan

AgroWay Kyrgyzstan

AgroWay LLC contributes to the prosperity of the Kyrgyz agricultural sector by providing consulting and business services based on world knowledge and innovative technologies promoting healthy lifestyles. The mission of “AgroWay” is the transfer of global knowledge and technology in agriculture in Kyrgyzstan. “AgroWay has extensive experience and relevant expertise in the agricultural sector of the country to provide consulting, training and research services.


AgroWay’s values are integrity, cohesion, innovation and creativity.


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CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation

CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation

The CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation promotes the sustainable development of Central Asian mountain regions and contributes significantly to improving the lives of local communities. CAMP Alatoo actively supports the sustainable use of natural resources by developing and adapting national and international best practices in land and water management in the Central Asian region.

The CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation was established in 2004 as the successor to the Central Asian Mountain Partnership Program (CAMP). Using multi-stakeholder approaches, CAMP Alatoo develops innovative, effective yet simple and accessible technologies to raise rural communities’ awareness and involvement in the management and conservation of natural resources.

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"Institute for Sustainable Development Strategy"

Public Foundation “Institute for Sustainable Development Strategy”

The Public Foundation (PF) “Institute for Sustainable Development Strategy” (“ISSD”) is a non-governmental organization established in 2012 in Kyrgyzstan to promote the concept of sustainable development, which believes that the revival and promotion of biocultural diversity is an important strategy for promoting sustainable development in Central Asia.

ISSD achieves this goal in the long term by identifying and implementing traditional and innovative approaches to addressing environmental, economic and social challenges at the regional and local levels. The main focus of the foundation is to support the efforts of custodians of traditional knowledge and practices, whose role is to care for, represent, explain knowledge, relationships, species, art forms, and biocultural objects that have been carried through generations.

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Public Association "ECOIS-Bishkek"

Public Association “ECOIS-Bishkek”
(Environmental Information Service).

The main purpose of the organization is to increase the capacity of environmental non-governmental organizations of Kyrgyzstan in the sphere of solving environmental problems through informing, sharing experiences, and increasing access to environmental information. Ekois has extensive experience in implementing international projects.

Ekois also facilitated the process of developing and preparing the training courses on “Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)” and “Green Economy” for Kyrgyz universities, as well as developing the websites “Education for Sustainable Development in Kyrgyzstan” and “Green Bishkek”

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Federation of Organic Movement "BIO-KG"

Federation of Organic Movement “BIO-KG”

The mission of BIO-KG FOD: To lead the joint efforts to restore activity and support the development of the Organic Movement in the Kyrgyz Republic and to promote the principles of OSH (Health, Ecology, Integrity, Care) as the basis for the formation of a sustainable agricultural policy of the country. The Federation of Organic Movement “Bio-KG” promotes the model “Organic Aimaks”, seeks to preserve bio-cultural diversity, recognition of organic products and actively participates in achieving food safety.

The vision of BIO-KG FOD: Establishing and operating a system of organic agricultural production in the Kyrgyz Republic, as a basis for food and nutritional security of the country, preserving cultural heritage and ecosystem development.


Republican Public Association “ECOHOLOD”

The Republican Public Association “ECOHOLOD” (RPA “ECOHOLOD”) was founded on September 3, 2004. Today ROO “ECOHOLOD” is a collective member of International Academy of Refrigeration and unites more than 120 specialists in refrigeration all over the republic.  The purpose of the organization is to unite specialists in the field of refrigeration to:

Implementing modern refrigeration system design and maintenance practices

Creating a unified certification system for refrigeration technicians

Development of optimal environmental and economic solutions

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PF Resources for Youth Development

Public Foundation Resources for Youth Development

Public Foundation “Resources for Youth Development” promotes cultural and traditional values and intangible heritage of the Kyrgyz people. Among other projects, through the efforts of PF “Resources for Youth Development” the project “Kyrgyz Taigany” has been implemented since 2017. Currently, the country has begun to prepare documents for the inclusion of the nomination “Art of nurturing Taigan” in the representative list of UNESCO on the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. This work is implemented within the framework of the Action Plan for the promotion of the Kyrgyz Taigan as part of the protection of national, cultural patrimony of the Kyrgyz people, approved by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on 29.08.2019.


KURAMA STORY is an information and communication platform for people and organizations striving for sustainable positive change through communication and media coverage of topics and events related to the environment, climate change occurring in the world and in the country, as well as the promotion of new technologies and successful practices in addressing the global problem.

KURAMA mission is to popularize the ideas and practices of green and sustainable development of the cities and territories of Kyrgyzstan, responsible and environmentally friendly behavior of the people, contributing to the implementation of government development programs, as well as covering the issues aimed at achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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DOSCREDOBANK is a leading bank in the financial sector of Kyrgyzstan that pays special attention to environmental issues, striving to make your life better.

That is why it has made every effort to develop a program that will help citizens to introduce more environmentally friendly products into your life at minimal cost. DCB Green component allows  to buy electric cars in installments, arrange gasification of the homes, to provide many families with a green future via its multiple projects.  All these on the most favorable terms for everyone.