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  • An organization wishing to become a member of the Alliance submits an application for membership addressed to the Chairman or Executive Director of the Alliance
  • The decision on admission to the membership of the Alliance is made by a simple majority of votes of the present members of the Board of the Alliance.
  • The decision on admission is communicated to the applicant in written version within five working days from the date of the decision.
  • Together with the notification of the decision made, the candidate is sent invoices for the payment of the annual membership fee.
  • The candidate is considered accepted into the Alliance from the moment the number of membership fees is credited to the account of the Alliance.
  • Admission of legal entities to the membership of the Alliance is carried out by the decision of the members of the Board of the Alliance on the proposal of the Chairman or Executive Director of the Alliance, based on the application of the head of the legal entity – candidate.
  • The application of a candidate for membership in the Alliance is considered by the Chairman or Executive Director no later than 15 (fifteen) working days.
  • Based on the results of the consideration of the candidate’s application, if the candidate satisfies the requirements of these Articles of Association, the Chairman of the Board or the Executive Director shall nominate the candidate for consideration by the members of the Board.

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