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The Experts’ Council of the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan (hereinafter referred to as the Council of Experts) is a body created upon the necessity of the given circumstances and brings together experts with special knowledge and experience. All experts that are attracted by the Green Alliance Kyrgyzstan (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance) are expected to develop reasonable conclusions and proposals on issues of their competence. 

Participation in the expert council is carried out on the principles of voluntariness, transparency, and independence in decision-making within the competence.

Goals and objectives of the Council of Experts: The purpose of the Expert Council is to provide expert assistance to the Alliance in expert, design, information, research, scientific, and other activities.

To achieve the given goal, the Council of Experts solves the following tasks:

  • takes part in educational events, including expert discussions, public events, and educational programs;
  • participates on behalf of the Alliance in the preparation, support and examination of bills and other legal acts, concepts, strategies, as well as project documentation;
  • participates in projects initiated by the Alliance and (or) conducted with its participation;
  • participates in research.

Formation and approval of the composition of the Council of Experts

  • The Council consists of the Chairman of the Expert Council and experts, collectively referred to as members of the Expert Council in the amount of 7 people, including the Chairman.
  • Members of the Expert Council may be citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and foreign citizens who have a high level of competence in the field related to the statutory activities of the Alliance (hereinafter referred to as candidates).
  • Candidates can be proposed by members of the General Meeting of Alliance Members, members of the Alliance Board, the
  • Chairman of the Alliance and elected by a simple majority of votes.
  • The Chairman of the Expert Council is elected by the members of the Expert Council