Who we are?

“Green Alliance.KG” (Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan) is an association of legal entities (ALE) established in 2019. The purpose of the association is to bring together leaders in the green economy and climate change in Kyrgyzstan, their financial resources and organizational capacity, as well as work together to promote the green economy and sustainable development in Kyrgyzstan.

“Green Alliance.KG” is an initiative created to unite the forces of the society of Kyrgyzstan to implement the principles of the green economy and sustainable development in the country. The Alliance is a unified and growing network of stakeholders representing influential organizations in businesses, and civil society the operations of which are related areas within environmental protection, green economic growth, and sustainable development.

As of today, the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan brings together more than 50 member organizations and citizens representing various sectors, including civil society (CSOs and citizens), the private sector (business, farmers), academia (universities and researchers), independent experts and honorary members.

Since the inception of the organization, important partnerships have been established with government agencies working in the areas of the green economy and sustainable development, climate change, and environmental protection. The association is based in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), and its members and their representative offices operate throughout the country.

The Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan is a member of the National Coordinating Council for the development of the “green” economy and climate change (Government Decree of January 30, 2020, No. 46).

Our organization continues attracting new members and building effective partnerships at various levels. We have successfully conducted a number of significant events, which resulted in the holding of more than 20 internal and external events, together with member organizations and partners.  The undertaken events were related to our organization’s core values, that is the promotion of the green economy and sustainable development, as well as activities in the field of climate change.

Here are the several examples of the events the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan organized since its creation:

• Global Climate Action Week, September 2019;
• Green Economy Week in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Climate Finance Center, November 2019;
• National Forum on Climate Change, December 2019;
• First Youth Forum on Climate Change, December 2019;
• Green Talks expert discussions on green economic development and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Until its official registration, the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan was known as the Climate Network of Kyrgyzstan (https://infoik.net.kg/). Ever since then, the organization has successfully supported projects related to climate change and sustainable development. In particular, we promoted public interests, initiatives, and policies by facilitating the activities of state bodies at the international and national levels and organizing public monitoring of the fulfillment of international obligations of the Kyrgyz Republic under the UNFCCC.

Additionally, the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan actively contributes to the development and strengthening of intersectoral cooperation, and the development of information, and analytical reviews on thematic issues related to the problem of climate change. We support the strengthening of climate resilience at the local level and contribute to raising environmental awareness and climate protection literacy through collaboration with government officials, local authorities, the mass media, and academia.  Also, we assist in the development and implementation of innovative technologies and practices. Our alliance is not limited only to these initiatives, and we realize how important is our mission for other areas such as peacebuilding, social stability, conflict prevention, green finance, renewable energy, green and healthy agriculture and farming, green production, green tourism, green construction and the like.

Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan always keeps its doors open to like-minded organizations and individuals representing very different fields. If your ideals correspond to our mission, then we welcome you to join our team.

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